Some assembly required

By Dave Henning / September 22, 2016

” ‘Some assembly required.’  Not the most welcome sentence, but an honest one.”- Max Lucado

Max Lucado begins Chapter 4 (“I Need Help”) of Before Amen by observing that life comes as an unassembled gift.  Therefore, rather than force the pieces of life to fit, take those pieces to Jesus.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, took that track when she attended the Wedding at Cana.  When she informed Jesus no wine remained, Mary’s attitude evidenced no bossiness or critical spirit.  In addition, she neither blamed Jesus not herself.  Mary simply identified the problem, brought it to Jesus, and left the problem with Him.  She trusted Jesus completely!

As a result, Max muses, we’re left to wonder how many of life’s disasters would be averted if, in truth, we petitioned Jesus first.  As Pastor Lucado reminds us, “An unprayed-for problem is an embedded thorn.”

A single prayer may or may not effect the desired change.  However, prayer puts the problem in the hands of the One able to solve it.  Furthermore, our responsibility becomes resisting the urge to reclaim the problem once we’ve placed that problem in God’s hands.

In conclusion, Max returns to his opening theme- some assembly required:

“Pieces don’t fit.  Wine runs out.  Water bottles burst.  These are facts of life.  But Jesus responds with this invitation: ‘Bring your problems to me.’  State them simply.  Present them faithfully, and trust him reverently.”

Today’s question: Following your ministry downsizing or vocation loss, how does “some assembly required” apply to your current situation?  Please share.

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