Refollowing Jesus every day

By Dave Henning / September 14, 2017

“This is how I like to think about discipleship, then — not just following Jesus, but refollowing Jesus every day.  We go off track so easily (emphasis author’s).”- Jared C. Wilson

Jared Wilson concludes Chapter 1 of The Imperfect Disciple as he notes we all “need tuning up in the gospel every day.”  Thus, Jared reflects on the dominant biblical portrait of the pastorate.  That portrait? – a shepherd with his flock.

However, the author humorously observes, pastoral ministry more often seems to center around herding cats than herding sheep.  Sheep tend to go astray because they’re dumbly distracted.  On the other hand, cats stray because they’re “smug investors in their own narcissistic autonomy.”  And, Jared adds, that picture describes us.

But, Jared states, we keep looking for the answers inside us.  That won’t work.  Because the solution’s found in a different place than our problems.  The author explains:

“Our souls are greatly troubled . . . especially when we don’t feel they are.  Sin is deceptive.  The devil comes as an angel of light.  The way to destruction is wide and easygoing.  All of this spells trouble for the one who doesn’t work at deciphering the riddle of himself.  Our souls need a good looking at.  Most people don’t and won’t do this.  In fact, all day our souls are whispering to us that they need leading . . .”

As a result, we must feed, nourish, and lubricate our souls.  In addition, we need awareness of what’s going on in our souls.  We must question why our soul’s  messed up.  Jared explains:

“By God’s grace, then, disciples of Jesus look for the places we have yet to surrender to him, the places where we’ve given up ground, the tender spots we want to hide, the stubborn spaces we want to protect, and we ask him humbly to help us.  He will never say no to that.”

Today’s question: How do you envision refollowing Jesus every day?  Please share.

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