The recipient of extravagant grace

By Dave Henning / January 24, 2018

“I don’t give up hope.  Why?  Because I’m the recipient of extravagant grace.”- Ann Swindell

Ann Swindell concludes Chapter 9 of Still Waiting as she proclaims this truth.  Physical healing without the grace of Christ’s presence within leaves you with nothing.  Nothing.  Thus, no physical healing in the world compares with the greatest treasure – a right relationship with God.  In addition, this extravagant grace gives Ann – and us – a story to tell.

Like the Bleeding Woman, Ann’s received hope and resolution.  and, even though her resolution is incomplete – Ann still awaits healing – Ann states that God’s given her more than she deserves.  For she has salvation through Christ and the Holy Spirit within.  Therefore, Ann offers these poignant words of encouragement:

“Lift up your eyes.  See the King you are kneeling before, and tell your story with courage.  You have a King who has bent to you, who has stopped to listen to you, day after day and year after year.  There is hope in his eyes and warmth in his voice.  He hears you, he sees you, and he loves you.  Jesus may not give you what you’re asking him for this year or in this lifetime.  But he will give you the gift of his presence as you wait and the gift of salvation and restoration to himself for all eternity.”

And as you wait for physical or emotional healing, tell the story of Christ’s presence within you in the midst of waiting.

Today’s question: How do you see yourself as the recipient of extravagant healing?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Hope – the antidote to despair”

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