Struggle with our new name and identity

By Dave Henning / March 30, 2020

“Most of us struggle with our new name and identity.  We will typically face internal struggles before we face external difficulties. . . .  But if we take time to know who we are in Christ — and not just know our new names in our minds but meditate on them and let them dwell in our hearts — the external pressures and challenges we face will not sever our faith.”- Esther Fleece Allen

As Esther Fleece Allen continues Chapter 2 of Your New Name, she cover the sixth and final label that limits.

 6.  You are more than your strengths and accomplishments.  Sometimes we aim labels at the good and positive things all people strive for in life.  Yet, no matter what side of the negative- positive spectrum we fall on, even positive labels carry the potential to leave us feeling isolated and lonely.

Therefore, positive labels provide us with an easy out from learning to know someone on a deeper level.  And limiting personal relationships prevents us from working together as the body of Christ.  That hinders our ability to accomplish God’s work on earth.

Certainly, Esther notes, we all get our names wrong.  However, achieving awareness of our false names and labels helps us identify what we’re not.  Once we know that, we prepare our hearts to hear God’s unique name for us.  But, Esther asks, are we  living as ministers of the new covenant?  Or do we feel more pride in the job we believe we earned?

Furthermore, most of us fail to see God’s intimate personal work going on in our soul.  However, the world sees how we outwardly live out our new name.  So, we must demonstrate our intent to look around us for God’s provision.  Rather than dwelling on what the enemy steals.  In addition, God’s people make themselves present in our times of need.  They remind us that God remains with us.

Today’s question: What Bible verses ease our struggle with our new name and identity?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Establishing a familiarity with our new name”

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