Planting seeds produces inner growth

By Dave Henning / October 22, 2021

“Planting seeds produces inner growth that we carry with us for the rest of our lives, no matter where we roam.  That growth impacts both what we do and who we are.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee

In Chapter 13 (“You are Allowed to Change”) of Growing Slow, Jennifer Dukes Lee asserts that even though we plant seeds in a particular field, that doesn’t mean we must stick around to see the harvest.  Yet, the author notes, many of us avoid change.  Because we worry how people may react or worry that change will actually create more pain.  But, as Kristen Strong wrote in Girl Meets Change:

“If we want to not be afraid of life, we need to hold inside us a flexible spirit.”

Therefore, Jennifer underscores, our most important growth happens within.  As a result, the author reports, she’s experienced God’s faithfulness most profoundly when He’s called her out of every comfort zone, rut of mediocrity, and cove of security.

Certainly, change takes courage, as the story of Abram illustrates.  Abram grew up in Ur, a flourishing city of wealthy, educated people.  Idolatry was rampant.  In fact, Hebrew tradition suggests that Abram’s father owned an idol shop.  And that Abram took to smashing those idols with a hammer.  As Abram grew older, though, God picked him out and told him to move to the land God would show him.

Because he obeyed, Abram experienced God’s promised blessings.  Also, God gave him a new name – Abraham.  Just imagine if Abraham refused to embrace this change, choosing comfort over calling!

In conclusion, Jennifer reflects on change:

“Change can be extremely hard.  Change can taste like salt in your tears.  It can look like an expansive wilderness that lies before you as you leave your own ‘Ur’. . .

Sometimes we change our lives, and sometimes our lives change us.  But the biggest change always happens on the inside, during that expansive interior journey where God asks each of us to move our hearts out of their precious comfort zones.”

Today’s question: Do you find planting seeds produces inner growth in you?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Standing at the edge of your field”

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