Manage memory and steward imagination

By Dave Henning / March 3, 2022

“How do we manage memory and steward imagination?  We remember the past by building altars.  We remember the future by setting goals.  Then we visualize them in vivid detail . . .”- Mark

“Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”- Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)

Mark Batterson concludes Day 8 of Do It for a Day as he exhorts us not to lose faith in the end of the story.  Instead, imagine the prize.  Because you must be sure of what you hope for as well as certain of what you can’t see.  Certainly, Mark admits, that’s easier said than done.  Hence, when you find yourself unable to see past today, do it for a day! 

On August 13, 2008, Michael Phelps won the gold medal in the two-hundred-meter butterfly.  And he set a new world record!  But this was Michael’s most impressive gold medal win at the Beijing games.  Because when he dove into the pool, the impact dislodged his goggles.  As a result, they filled with water and Michael lost his vision,  In effect, he swam blind.

However, Michael didn’t panic.  For, since his teenage years, Michael visualized his races.  Every time he dove into the pool, he remembered the future.  So when a reporter asked Michael about how it felt to swim blind, Phelps replied, ” It felt like I imagined it would.”

In conclusion, Pastor Batterson encourages, try to be present each day.  Of course, the author observes, that’s a constant battle.  Hence, he shares a centering prayer:

  1. The Quakers often employ body posture when they pray.  They begin with hands out and palms down.  That symbolizes things they need to let go of.
  2. Next, once they place those things in God’s hands, they turn their hands over.  That shows their readiness to welcome God’s presence, power, and peace.

When present circumstances overwhelm, remember the future.  Mark adds:

” . . . let me pop the question at this juncture: Is this where you stop?  If you’re still breathing, God hasn’t given up on you.  Don’t give up on God.  And don’t give up on yourself.  Remember the future!”

Today’s question: What Scriptures help you manage memory and steward imagination?  Please share.

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