The bounty of wonder in this world

By Dave Henning / September 23, 2022

“The bounty of wonder you and I discover in this world is no accident.  God created the world with deep intention, care, and love.  He created with an irresistible flair to draw us to himself. . . .  For the disciple of Jesus, the one groping for deeper intimacy with God, the revelation of these joys — of God’s power and divine nature — remind us of his unlimited grace and care.”- Timothy D. Willard

In Chapter 3 (“Where Bounty Begins: Stumbling Upon the Deep Words of God”) of The Beauty Chasers, Timothy Willard describes the Black Mountains of western North Carolina.  Mount Mitchell, the highest of all the Black Mountains, gathers its summit at 6,689 feet.  Furthermore, the range stretches for fifteen miles.  And the Black Mountains get their name from the dark fir and spruce trees coating their heights.

Therefore, Timothy advises, when you ascend to places of wonder, keep it in mind to let go of the world’s pace.  Above all, the author exhorts, if you feel really daring, sit and stare at the view for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Most significantly, God created our world with deep intention, care, and love.  So, as we journey through the world, we stumble on the deep words of God at every turn.  However, we need the ears to hear them.  Thus, Timothy explains:

“We eulogize spaces that possess an ‘otherness’ quality. . . .  Because God’s creative touch fills the world.  He imbues our world with physical and spiritual beauty.  Perhaps this is why we all, from Plato to C. S. Lewis, can only grasp at the concept of beauty with adjectives and analogies. . . . We rush to explain the phenomenon of wonder with our words, all the while the fire of holiness burns in our souls.”

Finally, in such moments of truth and beauty, God’s heart connects to ours.  Because I AM the space where our words disappear.

Today’s question: Where do you experience the bounty of wonder in this world?  Please share.

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