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The depth of your roots vs. growth pace

By Dave Henning / October 9, 2021

“Take heart: Growing Slow will actually make you better at what you do, not worse.  But your focus is no longer on the pace of your growth.  Instead, it’s on the depth of your roots.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee “Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him.  The your […]


Permission to be un-spectacular

By Dave Henning / October 8, 2021

“We need permission to be un-spectacular. . . .  We need permission to take our time, to marvel, to wonder and ponder and savor, to move at the unhurried pace of Christ.  Time is not a commodity to be used by a gem to be treasured.”- Jennifer Dukes Lee In Chapter 1 (“Permission to be […]


Your field of dreams – stand before it

By Dave Henning / October 7, 2021

“There are moments when you will stand before your field of dreams, with calloused hands shoved into pockets, while not a single shoot bursts forth with life.  Despite your best efforts . . . earnest prayers.  Despite the exasperating impression that every other field around yours is in bloom, alive. . . .  The most […]


The scramble to grow a purposeful life

By Dave Henning / October 6, 2021

“In the scramble to grow a purposeful life, we accidentally forfeit too much — a settledness with what we already have, a sense of peace with what already is, and a connectedness with people right here with us.  You can get so rushed chasing a certain kind of remarkable life that you miss the fact […]


Express unconditional love – freely given

By Dave Henning / October 4, 2021

“In my opinions, we express unconditional love only when we acknowledge that we are the recipients of that brand of love from God.  Freely we have received, and freely we must give.  We must forget forever the word deserve in association with love.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley In Chapter 19 (“A Need for You to […]


Uplifting moments = success?

By Dave Henning / October 3, 2021

“Success is not based on how you feel or on the uplifting moments when you receive rewards, recognition, or overwhelming responses from others.  Success is to be found in the way you live day in and day out.  It is to be found as you pursue what God calls you to do and to be.”- […]


A daily grind – just going through?

By Dave Henning / October 2, 2021

“We may think that we are just going through a daily grind, but we are not.  That so-called daily grind is leading us to a place and position where God can bless us and use us in ways that we would never imagine.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley “Make me know your ways, O LORD, teach […]


The glue of His unconditional love

By Dave Henning / October 1, 2021

“No matter how badly you have messed up, He will take the broken pieces of your life and, with the glue of His unconditional love, put your life back together.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”- Psalm 145:10 […]


The ultimate measure of friends

By Dave Henning / September 30, 2021

“The ultimate measure of friends is where they stand in times of challenge and controversy.  That being the case, apart from adversity of some kind, we would never know who our faithful friends really are.  In the same way, we will never know in a personal way the faithfulness of Christ apart from adversity.  Without […]


Some classes more appealing than others

By Dave Henning / September 29, 2021

“God has us in school.  He is in the process of teaching us about . . . His faithfulness, His goodness, His compassion, and His holiness.  Just like any other school, some classes are more appealing than others.  And if we are honest, Adversity 101 is not one of our favorite classes.  But it is […]


Maturing as Christians – marginal interest?

By Dave Henning / September 28, 2021

“Men or women who are only marginally interested in maturing as Christians will have a difficult time with adversity.   Their tendency will be to blame God and become bitter.  Instead of seeing adversity as something God is trying to do for them, they will see it as something He is doing to them.  It’s all […]


God hurts when you hurt – regardless

By Dave Henning / September 27, 2021

“When you hurt, God hurts.  Regardless of what He may be in the process of accomplishing, regardless of how noble His purposes may be, He is in touch with what you are feeling.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley “When Jesus saw [Mary] weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was […]

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