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Loving attachment to God

By Dave Henning / January 10, 2023

“Changing character, as far as the brain is concerned, means attaching in new and better ways. . . .  Salvation through a new, loving attachment to God that changes our identities would be a very relational way to understand our salvation.  We would be both saved and transformed through attachment love from, to, and with […]


The beautiful resilience Jesus offers

By Dave Henning / January 9, 2023

“Endurance — the dividing line between those who make it through any sort of trial and those who don’t.  Hang on, don’t get discouraged — this isn’t just gutting it out.  Not at all.  The beautiful resilience Jesus offers us comes from his resources; endurance is imparted to us.”- John Eldredge “By your endurance you […]


Only hope out of heartache

By Dave Henning / January 8, 2023

“God can handle your anger, disappointment, even bitterness.  But walking away from Jesus is forsaking your only hope out of heartache.”- John Eldredge “But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all things . . .  and to stand before the Son of Man.”- Luke 21:36 (ESV) In Chapter […]


Knowing your moment matters

By Dave Henning / January 7, 2023

“Knowing your moment matters.  Knowing where you are in the story is critical for your survival.  Every moment is not like another. . . .  Jesus wants you to know where you are.”- John Eldredge “You fools!  You know how to interpret the weather signs of the earth and sky, but you don’t know how […]


The great alarm the Scriptures sound

By Dave Henning / January 6, 2023

“The great alarm the Scriptures are sounding is that our longing for life to be good again will be the battleground for our heart.  How you shepherd this precious longing, and if you shepherd it at all, will determine your fate in this life and in the life to come.”- John Eldredge (emphasis author’s) “Be […]


Evaporate in a moment – resilience

By Dave Henning / January 5, 2023

“One of the most remarkable things about human beings is how resilient we can be. . . .  Yet one of the most surprising things about human beings is how that resilience can evaporate in a moment.  One day the resources we have to sustain the Primal Drive for Life simply run out.”- John Eldredge […]


The Primal Drive for Life

By Dave Henning / January 4, 2023

“The epicenter of our being is the deep longing to aspire for things that bring us life, to plan for those things, to take hold of them, to enjoy them, and start the cycle over as we aspire toward new things.  This is the essential craving for life given to us by God.  Let’s call […]


Breathe on your dry bones

By Dave Henning / January 2, 2023

“It is not his will that you lead a lifeless life.  [The Spirit] will breathe on your dry bones.  It simply falls on you to be an Ezekiel. . . .  My invitation has nothing to do with changing your name, moving to Israel, or growing a belly-length beard.  It has everything to do with […]


God’s intended rescue center

By Dave Henning / January 1, 2023

“People do not know why they were born or where they are destined to go.  This is the age of much know-how and little know-why.  The invisible enemy of sin and secularism has left us dazed and bewildered.  In the midst of the wreckage sits God’s intended rescue center, the church. . . .  And […]


Common folk into uncommon forces

By Dave Henning / December 31, 2022

“The promise of Pentecost.  The Spirit turns common folk into uncommon forces. . . .  The Holy Spirit takes our tongues of flesh and renders them tongues of fire.  The Holy Spirit makes communication his priority.”- Max Lucado “Do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what […]


Pentecost Peter or Passover Peter?

By Dave Henning / December 30, 2022

“From wimp to warrior in fifty days.  What happened?  Oh, how we need to know.  We admire the Pentecost Peter yet identify with the Passover one.  Our convictions wrinkle and resolve melts.  We determine to do better but struggle. . . .  make promises and fail to keep them.  We look at other believers and […]


Refreshing swallows of Jesus

By Dave Henning / December 29, 2022

” ‘Come to me and drink,’ [Jesus] invites.  Not sip . . . taste . . .  sample.  But gulp.  Long, refreshing swallows of him.  Consume Christ.  To drink Jesus is to receive him into the driest parts of our lives.  As we do, ‘rivers of living water will flow out.’ “- Max Lucado “On […]

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