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Money issues equal heart issues

By Dave Henning / January 31, 2020

“Money issues are heart issues.  God does not need your money, I promise you that.  But He wants your heart, and He cannot have one without the other!”- Mark Batterson “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For […]


The inevitable firestorms of life

By Dave Henning / February 23, 2019

“We cannot control everything our children experience, but we can influence how they process what life sends their way.  We can teach them to guard against the inevitable firestorms of life. . . .  Intentionally, or unintentionally, on purpose or by accident, we build into our children or take away.”- Andy Stanley In Chapter 19 […]


The manager of someone else’s assets

By Dave Henning / February 17, 2019

Andy Stanley concludes Chapter 16 of Enemies of the Heart as he observes that we conquer greed with generosity.  When you give generously, that breaks the grip of greed on your life.  And, Pastor Stanley exhorts, give generously, whether or not you think you have extra.  Also, the author adds, you must give to the […]


The essence of greed – me first

By Dave Henning / February 16, 2019

“That’s [me first] the essence of greed.  You don’t actually have to have extra to be greedy.  As long as you plan to spend whatever comes your way on yourself, you’re a candidate. . . . you’ll find it next to impossible to keep greed from taking root in your heart.”- Andy Stanley In Chapter […]


The help of other people

By Dave Henning / November 6, 2016

“Your dream doesn’t come alive without the help of other people.  Make it a point to meet new people every day.”- Tom Eggebrecht In Chapter 11 (“Don’t Do It Alone”) of Fully and Creatively Alive, Tom Eggebrecht states that when people work together in teams, creativity grows.  Furthermore, a web of relationships develops. Yet, even […]

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