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Visitation rights on weekends?

By Dave Henning / November 2, 2022

“God wants a relationship with you.  He’s not seeking visitation rights on weekends.  He wants full custody.  Yet if you choose to view Him only through a religious lens and not a relational lens, you’ll miss out on the meaning He can bring to your life. . . .  You must have faith that God […]


Flying a jet without a parachute

By Dave Henning / August 5, 2022

“Can you imagine flying a jet without a parachute?  Many do.  Eternal insecurity extracts joy from many people.  Only Christ guarantees a safe landing. . . .  No one but Jesus ‘buckles you in.’  You may slip — indeed you will — but you will not fail.  Hence the invitation to believe in him.”- Max […]

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