An act of thanksgiving

By Dave Henning / December 15, 2012

Bill Hybels devotes Chapter 3 (“Evidence from Everywhere”) of The Power of a Whisper to stories of people who have listened to God’s whispers.  While there were many remarkable stories of obeying God’s promptings, the following story really touched my heart.

A woman named Bev owned a condo that she had rented to her daughter.  One evening kids were throwing mud balls, one of which shattered the condo’s front window.  Bev’s daughter obtained the name and telephone number of the boy who had thrown the mud ball, but when the boy’s mother was contacted, it was crystal clear that she didn’t have the resources to pay for the shattered window.  Although both husband and wife were unemployed, they promised to pay when they could afford the expense.

Several months passed with no repayment, so Bev decided to contact the “mud ball mom”.  Bev was preparing to go shopping for her family’s Thanksgiving dinner, but when she reached the mom she found herself asking not for repayment, but if she could bring the beleaguered family a Thanksgiving meal.  With a genuine sense of joy, Bev dropped off the meal.

Bev’s story is much more than simply heeding God’s whisper.  It is a shining example of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness to those who have offended us.


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