The consequences of rejection- Part 2

By Dave Henning / November 14, 2013

Today Charles Stanley discusses two additional symptoms that indicate we are living with rejection.

 3.  An inclination toward isolation.   Dr. Stanley notes that, from the viewpoint of psychology, rejection and loneliness have two things in common- feeling of emotional disconnection and the fear of being unwanted.  Following our ministry downsizing or vocation loss, we feel disconnected from our former co-workers.  We may have lost our church home as well.  Furthermore, we may believe our skills aren’t applicable to the current job market.  When these feelings arise, it is crucial that we avoid spending a great deal of time alone or participating in activities that don’t require meaningful interaction with others.

No one is immune to the pain of isolation.  Dr. Stanley emphasizes that because isolation is so devastating, Satan will do all he can to intensify it.  We were created for fellowship and need meaningful interaction with other believers.

4.  A preoccupation with image and counterfeit measures of worth.  This final indicator of struggling with rejection is manifested in an excessive dependence on outward factors (aka idols) that are perceived to elicit approval or attention.  The focus is on surface issues.  One particularly notable aspect of this preoccupation is perfectionism- striving to master and control every aspect of our lives as well as setting unattainable standards or goals.

Today’s question: What Bible passages have been most meaningful in alleviating your sense of isolation?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “For such a time as this”

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