The God who sees me

By Dave Henning / April 16, 2014

In Chapter 3 (“The Cycle of Pain: The Wounded Become Wounders”) of Wounded by God’s People, Anne Graham Lotz recalls several childhood instances of wounding at the hands of God’s people.  Yet, she notes, God grace enabled her to distinguish between His people and Himself.  Since each painful experience repeatedly presented Anne with a choice- whether or not to reject God because of rejection by other Christians- Anne decided once and for all to make a permanent commitment to God:

“I decided years ago that once and for all I was committed to living my life for God, regardless of the way He was represented by others.  In other words, people’s treatment of me would in no way affect my relationship with Him, unless it was to draw me closer to Him . . . to strengthen my faith in Him . . . to intensify my pursuit of knowing Him as He is . . .”

When real life hits us, reality sets in.  Just like Hagar, our dreams can die when we find ourselves with the odds stacked against us.  We question whether we’ll ever again experience God’s calling to ministry or vocation.  Our wounds were inflicted by those with whom we once felt safe and least expected to be wounders.  While our pain is not something that can be overcome easily or quickly, we have the assurance, as Hagar affirmed: “You are the God who sees me.”- Genesis16:13

Today’s question: What do you think it takes to make a permanent commitment to God despite painful wounding by other Christians?  Please share.

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