Forgiveness- Part 3

By Dave Henning / July 4, 2014

In today’s blog, author Mary DeMuth concludes her discussion of nine surprising facets of forgiveness, as found in Chapter 9 of The Wall Around Your Heart.

7.  Forgiveness reminds you of your need.  Although forgiveness is for our sakes, when we offer it God also reminds us of our own need for forgiveness.  It’s all too easy for us to see ourselves as victims, heroes of our own epic story.  Those who inflicted our pain are the ones who are mean and bad, not us.

Mary states that Jesus’ presence and understanding enable us to offer forgiveness:

“He [Jesus] showed us how to experience God the Father in thin places: on mountaintops, in quiet moments, through the raging of days.”

8.  Forgiveness emboldens your prayers.  Mary cites an example of how praying for an enemy progressed over time.  Her initial prayers asked God to dole out swift justice to her oppressor.  Then, through God’s grace, Mary prayed to have a right heart that would enable her to offer forgiveness.  Finally, Mary asked the Lord to bless her enemy.

9.  Forgiveness can change a nation.  During a period of one hundred days in 1994, 800,ooo people were murdered in the African nation of Rwanda.  Yet the Lord reached into the hearts of the genocide survivors, who chose to forgive their perpetrators.  If the Lord can work this miracle, He can transform our pain and give us His peace.

Today’s question: Which of the nine surprising things about forgiveness were the most revealing?  Please share.

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