The hand God loves to hold

By Dave Henning / November 18, 2014

Max Lucado references and discusses Mark’s account where Jesus heals a sick woman and Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5:25-34) in Chapter 4 (“The Hand God Loves to Hold- Desperate People”) of Next Door Savior.  Both the woman and Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, find themselves on the same path in the village, even though they come from opposite stations in society.  As Max observes, “tragedy levels the social typography.”

According to the Law of Moses, the woman was untouchable, ceremonially unclean.  She had nothing- no money, no health, unwelcomed in the synagogue and unwanted at home.  In her desperation, she birthed an idea.  She extended her sick, tired hand and touched Jesus’ robe.  Immediately she felt the healing power of Jesus.  Yet, the woman had the courage to tell Jesus the whole truth (v. 33).  Despite the pressing crowd and Jairus’ daughter dying, Jesus made time for a woman on the fringes of society.

Pastor Lucado states that we’re drawn to the woman’s story because our adversity has left us desperate and drained.  He offers these words of encouragement:

“Is her hand your hand?  If so, take heart.  Your family may shun it.  Society may avoid it.  But Christ?  Christ wants to touch it.  When your hand reaches through the masses, he knows.  Yours is the hand he loves to hold.”

Today’s question: In what way has your ministry downsizing or v0cation loss separated you from others?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “A hard day’s night”

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