White noise

By Dave Henning / March 24, 2015

“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.”- Matthew 5:44-45

In Chapter 1 of How Can I Possibly Forgive?, Sara Horn notes that Jesus talks about forgiveness in the context of prayer, a reminder that forgiving is only part of the process.  We also need to pray for those who hurt.

To truly appreciate God’s unconditional love for us, we need a better understanding of forgiveness.  Sara believes this better understanding will happen when we begin listening- to ourselves, to others, and to God.  To be good listeners, we must identify the white noise of bitterness, frustration, and self-doubt that drowns out what the Lord wants us to hear.  As Sara states: “What distracts our hearts distracts our souls.”

Sara asks if we can identify white N-O-I-S-Es in our life.  “N” is discussed today.

1.  Negative Self-Talk.  Sara emphasizes that the negative statements we allow to penetrate our hearts are more than statements- they are lies.  This negative stance, Sara points out, has far-reaching consequences:

“When you believe that nothing can ever change in yourself or others, you will never see the importance of forgiving yourself or somebody else.”

Today’s question: What negative thoughts have penetrated your heart following your ministry downsizing or vocation loss?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The foundation of walls”


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