The smallest step

By Dave Henning / December 26, 2015

“With God the smallest step of faith can activate the mightiest of miracles.”- Max Lucado

“By this [crossing] you shall know that the living God is among you.”- Joshua 3:10

Max Lucado opens Chapter 5 (Unpack Your Bags”) of Glory Days with the story of country singer Jimmy Wayne.  According to Jimmy, at the age of thirteen his often-imprisoned mother and her troublemaker boyfriend dumped Jimmy in a bus station parking lot and drove off.  Homeless, Jimmy eventually found work mowing grass for an older couple and soon was invited to live in their home.  Still, it took a long time for Jimmy to unpack his bag and accept his new home.

After our ministry downsizing or vocation loss we feel turned out- and may wonder if God will do the same as our former employer.  Pastor Lucado states God answered this question at the cross.  We are God’s children.  Max continues:

“Promised Land people believe this.  They trust God’s hold on them more than their hold on God.  They place their trust in the finished work of Christ.”

The followers of Joshua looked not to Calvary but to the Jordan River.  The miraculous crossing was convincing evidence of God’s presence.  Even so, when the priests got to the Jordan, they didn’t plunge right in.  They dipped their feet.  The smallest step activated the mightiest of miracles.

Pastor Lucado asks if we’re deeply convinced that we’ve been dramatically delivered.  While life has many questions, God’s ability to save shouldn’t be one of them.  Like Jimmy Wayne, our best days will begin when we unpack our bags.

Today’s question (study guide):  What do you need to embrace about God’s character in order to unpack your bags?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Don’t forget to remember”

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