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By Dave Henning / December 27, 2015

As Max Lucado begins Chapter 6 of Glory Days, he remarks that, for a book about military conquests, Joshua really skimps on battle details.  We don’t know the military details because the emphasis in Joshua is not on physical battles, but on a spiritual one.  Therefore, the book of Joshua isn’t about claiming land for a displaced nation.  It’s about preserving a stage for God’s plan of redemption.  The key for us- don’t forget to remember.

Satan’s counterstrategy is to destroy God’s people and God’s work.  Pastor Lucado reminds us our Promised Land is rife with the enemy’s voice:

“He’s [Satan} ticked off with you.  All this talk about Glory Days and Promised Land living has him in a foul mood.  Your wilderness days did not trouble him.  But now you are stepping into your Promised Land life.  Daring to walk in faith, not fear; leaning on grace, not guilt; hearing God’s voice more, the devil’s voice less.”

Satan, Max cautions us, has us in his sights.  We’re in enemy territory.  In Joshua 4 the Israelites were camping in Canaan for the first time in five centuries.  But God had one more word for them before they conquered Jericho- remember.  After one man from each tribe had gathered a stone from the Jordan River bed, Joshua stacked them as a lasting remembrance of how God had dried up the Jordan so the Israelites could cross.

Max shares the secret of surviving in enemy territory: Remember . . . Remember what God has done.

Today’s question: In what significant ways has God blessed you in the past?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Remember whose you are”

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