Poisonous rocks of resentment

By Dave Henning / March 18, 2016


“There is a remedy for the poisonous rocks of resentment in our lives.  This healing remedy involves the four stages of forgiveness- stages that banish bitterness- with all its toxic effects- once and for all.”- June Hunt

As June Hunt continues Chapter 8 of How to Forgive, she states that cobalt can become a lustrous hard metal with many applications.  However, its most beautiful application is the pigment cobalt blue- used for coloring enamel, glass, tile, and porcelain.  A small amount of cobalt is part of Vitamin B12.  But too much in your system is toxic to the lungs and heart.

Ms. Hunt explains that unforgiveness, like cobalt, can be just as emotionally and spiritually fatal:

“Rather than allowing the venom of vindictiveness to harm you, you can allow the Master Physician to bring a healing you could never imagine . . . and a hope you couldn’t have on your own.  When you give your poisonous rocks to Him, He will heal you with His extraordinary love.  He will free you to have His extraordinary forgiveness, and your toxic unforgiveness will be gone.”

The new freedom you gain is the greatest payoff to working through the four stages of forgiveness.  June begins with the first stage.

Stage One: Face the Offense.  June explains why this first step- accurately seeing the offense for what it is- is the hardest:

“Before extending complete forgiveness, you must acknowledge the gravity of the offense and the magnitude of the problem- plus the pain it created.  You have to face the truth and sift through all the resulting heartaches.”  June continues. “Rarely is the full impact of mistreatment felt at the moment it occurs.  Rather, its aftermath is experienced at different levels over a period of time.”

Ms. Hunt adds that forgiveness must be extended at those different levels of impact.  The offense must not be rationalized, minimized, or excused.

Today’s question: Have you rationalized, minimized, or excused the conduct of those responsible for your ministry downsizing or vocation loss?  Please share.

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