The human capacity for anger

By Dave Henning / July 10, 2016

In his conclusion to Chapter 1 of Anger, Gary Chapman expresses his belief that “the human capacity for anger is rooted in the nature of God.”  Mr. Chapman does not suggest that anger is an essential part of God’s nature.  Furthermore, Gary respects and holds deep reverence for God.  However, the author does suggest that “anger derives from two aspects of God’s divine nature: God’s holiness and God’s love.”

Although anger is not part of the essential nature of God, the Bible often indicates that God experiences anger.  Therefore, God necessarily experiences anger because God is holy and because God is love.  Mr. Chapman offers this summary:

“Knowing the detrimental effects of man’s sin, God’s anger is kindled.  It is God’s concern for justice and righteousness (both of which grow out of His holiness and His love) that stir God’s anger.  Thus, when God sees evil, anger is His logical response to injustice or unrighteousness.”

Made in God’s image, Gary states, signifies that “we still bear the imprint of His image deep within our souls.”  As a result, we experience anger whenever we encounter what we perceive to be injustice or wrong.  In conclusion, Gary distinguishes between what anger is and what anger is not.

Anger is not:

  • evil
  • sinful
  • a part of our fallen nature
  • Satan at work in our lives
  • evidence of our depravity

Anger is:

  • evidence that we are made in God’s image
  • a demonstration that we still have some concern for justice and righteousness in spite of our fallen estate
  • strong evidence we are more than mere animals
  • a revelation of our concern for rightness, justice, and fairness
  • evidence of our nobility

Next, Mr. Chapman discusses God’s purpose for human anger.

Today’s question: How does Gary’s distinction between what anger is and is not help clarify you understanding of the human capacity for anger?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Human anger”

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