Firmly anchored in Scripture, the final authority

By Dave Henning / May 7, 2018

“Scripture is the final authority, and our ability to hear God speaking to us is connected to our roots being firmly anchored in Scripture.  God is not speaking in a way that supersedes His written word or that adds to it, but He is speaking to us in a variety of ways.”- Banning Liebscher

Banning Liebscher continues Chapter 8 of Rooted as he observes that many people desire a word from the Lord.  But, Pastor Liebscher underscores, they don’t need a word from the Lord.  Rather, they need knowledge to carry the word they already possess.

Thus, Banning discusses four practical ways for us to carry the word and let it abide in our lives.  Today, the author presents, the first two ways.  Hence, you carry the word of the Lord by:

1.  Praying it.  When the Lord speaks, Pastor Liebscher exhorts, we must carry what He’s saying in prayer.  So, don’t lay down the word.  For the word of the Lord fuels your prayer life.  In addition, Banning posits, we need to do more than simply pray over things.  He believes we should use both what Christ’s said – and is saying – about what we pray over.

2.  Changing the way you talk.  Our language must align with God’s language.  Therefore, Banning emphasizes, when God speaks, we no longer have permission to speak our feelings.  Instead, we must talk in accordance with His message.  Furthermore, the author stresses:

“The Bible is very clear about what God thinks of us and the plans He has for us.  But for many of us, it does not change the way we talk.  We still allow our feelings to be what we speak from rather than what God has said.”

In conclusion, Banning reminds us, while our “feelings can be inconsistent, God’s Word never is.”

Today’s question: What keeps you firmly anchored in Scripture? Please share.

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