What raw material we all wrestle with

By Dave Henning / August 4, 2018

“Only God sees into the brains and neurons and knows what raw material we all wrestle with.  The goal is for you to take what counts as a risk for you, one step at a time, starting with where you are.  God makes the call.  We roll the dice.  We make the move.”- John Ortberg (emphasis author’s)

John Ortberg concludes Chapter 12 of When the Game is Over as he explores the last two consistent patterns found in biblical call narratives.

4.  Decision.  Inadequacy really doesn’t matter when God calls you to do something.  As Pastor Ortberg points out, we’re all inadequate.  And that’s exactly why God promises to go with us.  Thus, what matters is your decision.  John adds that only fully alive people say yes to challenge, demand, and risk.  So, the author asks, what risk is God asking you to take right now?

5.  Changed Life.  The world changes a little bit when someone says yes to God.  For example, even though legal authorities imprisoned Peter and John for teaching about Jesus, they refused to stop.  In addition, people were astonished when they saw Peter and John’s boldness.

However, some people say no to God.  Every time that happens, you change a little.  As your heart gets a little harder, your spirit dies a little. Furthermore, your addiction to comfort gets stronger.

In conclusion, Pastor Ortberg observes, we’d all like to be people of faith.  But just to be sure, though, we’d prefer a guarantee up front.  In fact, John explains, faith works the other way around:

“It is the very fact that the outcome is unknown that gives courage and hope and daring meaning.  If the outcome were always known ahead of time, there would be no point in playing the game.  Not knowing is our fear, and our growth.”

Today’s question: What types of raw material do you wrestle with?  Please share.

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