Practice pausing – create space for daily decisions

By Dave Henning / June 27, 2019

“Practice pausing when someone asks your opinion on simple things. . . .  Pausing is important no matter if your personality is hesitant or assertive.  If you’re hesitant, the pause could serve as a good reminder: what you want matters.  If you’re traditionally assertive and say what you want quickly, the pause could help you discern what you want more. . . .  Either way, the pause will begin to create space for your daily decisions to become congruent with your inner life.”- Emily P. Freeman

Emily P. Freeman concludes Chapter 8 of The Next Right Thing as she presents three simple benefits you’ll discover when you take time to name and know what you want in God’s presence.

1.  Knowing what you want builds your confidence.  Determining what you want represents a gift to yourself.  Because that means you’ve invested time to give your voice a place at the table.  It allows you to take up space in the room.

2.  Knowing what you want is a gift to the people you love.  Instead of wasting time, you give thought to your yes or no response.  When you know what you want, that functions as an automatic filter.  That filter helps you say yes to things you’ve already predecided matter.  Thus, the rest you let fall gently away.

3.  Knowing what you want can help you let go in peace.  Since you know what you want, that helps you more easily release the panic of not getting what you desire.  Of course, you still feel disappointed.  But healing comes much more quickly when you know the reason why you feel disappointed.

In conclusion, Emily offers this summary:

“When I honestly admit what I most long for in the presence of Jesus, I can more quickly accept when it doesn’t work out.  I can talk to him about it, admit my heartbreak, and receive what he has to give in place of it.  This is what it means to walk with him in my everyday disappointment.  There is no way to avoid it.”

Today’s question: What do you notice happens when you take time to practice pausing?  Please share.

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