Encounter your blue flame – a choice

By Dave Henning / July 20, 2020

“Whether I encounter my blue flame each day is a choice.  Whatever you focus on gets magnified in your mind.”- Jennifer Fulwiler

“The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for.”- Pinterest quote

In Chapter 14 (“You Can Keep Your Day Job”) of Your Blue Flame, Jennifer Fulwiler talks about one of the most common groups of people who contact her.  In general, these people find satisfaction with their current day jobs.  However, they feel a growing sense that it’s the right time for a new challenge.

Above all, Jennifer observes, people in this career situation turn things around without resorting to a dramatic resignation letter.  And, they tend to travel down one of two paths.

1.  Find a blue flame in your day job.  When you do some digging, Jennifer notes, often you find a blue flame buried in your day job.  Perhaps you know that the blue flame was there all the time.  Or maybe you’ve never tried to look for it.

However, even if your career utilizes your blue flame as part of the job description, you rarely experience all aspects of that flame from nine to five every weekday.  As a result, you must go look for it to remind yourself that the flame is still there.  Even when you feel tired or uninspired.

 2.  Lean into your blue flame outside of your day job.  As the author notes, quite often your day job and the work that sets your blue flame ablaze constitute two different things.  Therefore, to illuminate your blue flame, lean into it.

For example, during the day Albert Einstein toiled at the Federal Office of Intellectual Property.  But, outside of work hours, Einstein spent time on theoretical physics.  As Jennifer puts it, “Working out the theory of relativity was his side hustle.”

Finally, Jennifer encourages:

“Your blue flame is your superpower — the more fully and fearlessly you connect with it, the more powerful it will grow.  And no matter how mundane your day job is, you’ll walk around your workplace with a bold new mystique when you know that, as soon as you get out of this place, you’re going to put on your cape and fly.”

Today’s question:  How do you choose to encounter your blue flame daily?  Please share.

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