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Speed or comfort or convenience?

By Dave Henning / May 13, 2023

“No matter where the crowds were from in Israel, Jesus’s words still rang true: no one escaped the impact of the rains. . . .  This is exactly what Jesus wanted every ear in the crowd to walk away understanding: the consequences for choosing speed or comfort or convenience in their lives were exactly the […]


Stand at a distance from our own soul?

By Dave Henning / August 25, 2020

“We can’t stand at a distance from our own soul and ask Christ to ‘go in there and deal with it.’  This isn’t hostage negotiation; we don’t hide a block away and hope God takes care of business.  This is your own soul we’re talking about; the door opens from the inside.”- John Eldredge “Here […]


The endgame – not lives of fun and comfort

By Dave Henning / November 9, 2019

“But God doesn’t call us to lives of fun or even comfort.  These things aren’t bad, but they aren’t the endgame.  Rather, God calls us to lives of sacrifice, of taking up our crosses daily, and of following Him. . . .  Sacrifice is not always fun or entertaining, but it’s fulfilling.  It’s purposeful.”- Bob […]


Needed – a voice of courage

By Dave Henning / May 2, 2019

“But I’ve discovered that many of us have some voices of comfort in our lives yet what we really need is a voice of courage.  We may feel the need for sympathy when what we really need is strength.”- Kyle Idleman In the Introduction to his latest book, Don’t Give Up: Faith That Gives You […]


Comfort in the I-don’t-know-times

By Dave Henning / March 26, 2019

“We think we want comfort in the I-don’t-know times of life.  But comfort isn’t a solution to seek; rather it’s a by-product we’ll reap when we stay close to the Lord.”- Lysa TerKeurst In Chapter 10 (“Fighting Words”) of It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way, Lysa TerKeurst asserts that thousands of scenarios evoke feelings […]


A warehouse of comfort, wisdom, and direction

By Dave Henning / January 13, 2019

” . . . every child of God has a warehouse of comfort, rescue, strength, wisdom, direction, and protection.  But because of the pride and self-sufficiency that sin produces in us, we don’t open the door of that warehouse. . . .  So as an act of redeeming love, God leads us into situations that […]


Anxiety – an emotion, not a sin

By Dave Henning / March 11, 2018

“Anxiety is not a sin; it is an emotion. (So don’t be anxious about feeling anxious.)”- Max Lucado “Let your gentleness be evident to all.  The Lord is near.  Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, with prayer and thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”- Philippians 4:5-6 (NIV) Max Lucado concludes Chapter […]


Intimacy – a balance of chaos and comfort

By Dave Henning / December 19, 2017

“Intimacy is a balance of chaos and comfort.”- John Ortberg “Through [Jesus] we . . . have access to the Father by one Spirit.”- Ephesians 2:18 John Ortberg continues Chapter 8 of I’d Like You More . . . as he notes one of the great dangers in human relationships.  Pastor Ortberg cites Scott Peck […]


Our deepest and most pressing need

By Dave Henning / May 12, 2017

“Our deepest and most pressing need is to learn to walk with God.  To hear his voice.  To follow him intimately (emphasis author’s).”- John Eldredge John Eldredge originally wrote Walking with God: How to Hear His Voice in 2008.  In 2016, he published an expanded edition.  Mr. Eldredge deliberately chose to structure his book around […]


How we walk with the broken

By Dave Henning / April 15, 2017

“How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great.”- Pastor Bill Bennot Esther Fleece concludes Chapter 10 of No More Faking Fine as she stresses the need for empathy and presence when someone experiences hard times.  In the depths of pain, Ms. Fleece adds, none of us need correction […]


On the precipice of disaster

By Dave Henning / March 3, 2017

“You are exactly where you are supposed to be when it looks like God has you on the precipice of disaster.”- Dr. Tony Evans “He comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any kind of affliction, through the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”- […]


After a rain of tears

By Dave Henning / December 7, 2016

After a rain of tears, there is always more of you than before.  Rain always brings growth.”- Ann Voskamp In Chapter 11 (“Breaking into Being Real”) of The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp compares the past, present, and future.  She shares the following three observations: the past– a memory sealed right into you tomorrow– a mystery […]

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