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A failure or a king – both need God’s grace

By Dave Henning / November 27, 2022

“In Jesus you stop having to prove yourself because you know it doesn’t really matter in the end whether you are a failure or a king.  All you need is God’s grace, and you can have it, in spite of your failures.”- Timothy Keller “Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, […]


Pesky labels confront us at every turn

By Dave Henning / April 27, 2020

“I want us to reflect on how those pesky labels confront us at every turn.  No matter how prepared or prayed up we are, the enemy is like a roaring lion, seeking to devour us (1 Peter 5:8) with labels that lie.  The labels we fight don’t always come from our past; sometimes they prevent […]


Reasons for success – and failure

By Dave Henning / October 23, 2019

“Just as there are reasons for success, there are reasons for failure. . . .  The problem isn’t out there somewhere; it’s in here.  You’re the common denominator in every scenario.  It’s time to be done with doing the same things and expecting different results.”- Bob Merritt As Bob Merritt concludes Chapter 4 of Done […]


Emptiness- more intense in success

By Dave Henning / November 24, 2018

” . . . the emptiness so many people experience in life is more intense in success that it is in failure. . . .  Most of us have this notion that Once I get to a certain place or achieve a certain thing, life will truly start in full, and I’ll finally be happy […]


God’s stamp of approval on your life

By Dave Henning / June 14, 2018

“If we have God’s stamp of approval on our lives — meaning if we’re doing the things he has called us to do — and most importantly, finishing the things he has called us to do — and we do it for his glory, in his strength, to accomplish his goals, then we’re wildly successful.”- […]


Embraced by God – making space for others

By Dave Henning / December 25, 2017

“Having been embraced by God, we must make space for others in ourselves and invite them in.”- Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace “Accept one another then, just as Christ has accepted you.”- Romans 15:7 9NIV) In Chapter 11 (“This Time It’s Personal: Dealing with Acceptance and Rejection”) of I’d Like You More . . . […]


Failure – the stepping stone to greater victory

By Dave Henning / August 30, 2017

“There is a principle that surrounds failure: Failure is often the stepping stone to greater victory.”- Os Hillman “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”- Henry Ford Os Hillman concludes Chapter 9 of The Joseph Calling as he connects failure and our walk with God.  He stresses we should never […]


Give yourself a kind of grace

By Dave Henning / November 2, 2016

“Know that there’s a learning curve and give yourself a kind of grace.”- Lauren Ledbetter “Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”- Zig Ziglar In Chapter 4 (“Always Learn”) of Fully and Creatively Alive, Tom Eggebrecht highlights the fact that people can’t ever afford to stop learning.  For the moment you stop learning, you risk […]


Even if it means failure

By Dave Henning / November 1, 2016

“When you’re doing something you really like, you won’t be afraid to experiment and give things a try even if it means failure.”- Tom Eggebrecht Tom Eggebrecht writes in Chapter 3 (“Do What You Like”) of Fully and Creatively Alive that your passion about something makes others catch the fire as well.  Consequently, create something because […]


Inciting incident (aka ‘defining moment’)

By Dave Henning / October 2, 2016

“Inciting incident . . . a turning point, tipping point, a point of no return.”- Mark Batterson In Chapter 3 (“The Ripple Effect”) of Chase the Lion, Pastor Mark Batterson observes that, when it comes to movies, we accept the fact there’s no story without a conflict.  However, Mark ads, this premise also rings true […]


No failure is fatal

By Dave Henning / January 3, 2016

“Failure is a form of quicksand.  Take immediate action or you’ll be sucked under.”- Max Lucado In Chapter 10 (“No Failure is Fatal”) of Glory Days, Max Lucado writes that when we fail, we hear or presume the voices of others are spewing negativity or condemnation.  We join those voices of failure when we disqualify, […]

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