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Barricading yourself in a remote location

By Dave Henning / July 25, 2020

“So when I first discovered my blue flame . . . I imagined barricading myself in a remote location and coming up with all the inspiration I needed on my own. . . .  Your blue flame is meant to draw you to others, not only in sharing what you produce but in creating it […]


Your soulprint – the truest thing about you

By Dave Henning / March 1, 2018

“Your soulprint . . .[is] the truest thing about you.  It’s your God-ordained passion, your God-given gifts, and your God-sized dreams.  It’s the potential that can be tapped only in a relationship with the One who gave it to you in the first place.”- Mark Batterson As Mark Batterson concludes Chapter 9 of Whisper, he […]


The language of dreams – the fourth love language

By Dave Henning / February 23, 2018

“The language of dreams is the fourth love language, and it’s God’s lingua franca.  There is no dialect that God speaks more fluently or frequently in Scripture.  Whether it’s dreams by night or dreams by day, God is the Dream Giver.”- Mark Batterson “At Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon during the night in a […]


My place at the table – a need deep in the human soul

By Dave Henning / November 22, 2017

“There’s just something deep in the human soul that says, ‘I need to have my place at the table.”- John Ortberg In the Introduction  (“Table for One”) of I’d Like you More If You Were More Like Me, John Ortberg states when he thinks of love, he thinks of a table.  Of Swedish descent, Pastor […]

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