It’s what’s inside that counts

By Dave Henning / August 2, 2012

Using the analogy of a planted seed reproducing under the proper conditions, Ron Carpenter Jr. (The Necessity of an Enemy) reiterates his earlier assertion that enemies are indicative of new seasons in our life: “The fact that an enemy has surfaced in your life is an indicator that there’s unborn seed in you.  The enemy doesn’t show up because of what you’re already doing; the enemy shows up to steal what is yet to be born.”

For several years after my downsizing the “seed” of ministry remained.  That seed germinated with an inquiry from my ministry coach: “So you’re itching to get back in the classroom?”  That turned my focus outward, leading to the  development of Crown of Compassion Ministries.

Pastor Ron describes the process this way: “When you see the word seed, think about potential.  Everything that has to do with something or someone’s potential is wrapped up in seeds.  The impact will not be made by what the seed is; it will be made manifest through what the seed has inside of it.”

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