Plan A or Plan B?

In Chapter 11 of Fear Not Tomorrow, Ruth Graham uses the Biblical account of the Feeding of the 5000 to underscore our human tendency to limit God by going full-speed ahead with our own plans or by playing to our inadequacies.

As Ruth notes, we impatiently rush ahead of God with our own agenda.  Yet all along, Jesus has the better plan.  He wants our participation in His plan, thereby affirming us.  Even though we’re not privy to all the details and may have few clues where Jesus is leading us, He wants us to trust Him.

Looking at our own resources, we, like the disciples, limit God when we say things like “We only have. . .” and wonder what God will do with what we perceive as so little.  God’s perspective, Ruth explains, is quite different:

“. . . God is not looking at our ‘only’- God calls us in our inadequacy so He can expand our capacity for ministry.  Our  ‘only’ gives Him the chance to step in and be more than enough so He can get the glory.”


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