Uncertain times and significant challenges

By Dave Henning / September 3, 2021

“We are facing uncertain times and significant challenges. . . .  It seems there is more to think about than we can possibly wrap our minds around.  And the truth of the matter is, we can overthink the issues that assail us until we are utterly obsessed with and confounded by them. . . .  We are constantly praying about it all — but with fear about the problems rather than with faith that God is at work through all of it.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley

In his Introduction to Can You Still Trust God? What Happens When You Choose to Believe, Dr. Charles F. Stanley notes that during uncertain times we may question if God’s even willing to do anything about our circumstances.  Yet, something happens when we understand God’s ways.  That always leads to an understanding that God acts in a manner that brings eternal blessings to His children.

Therefore, Dr. Stanley underscores, what you believe makes it possible to ask the right questions when facing tragedy or great needs.  As a result, Dr. Stanley challenges you to take a long, hard look at what you believe about God.  And through the years, Dr. Stanley has discovered three essential beliefs for maintaining his faith in God.  He shares the first belief today.

Belief #1: God is perfect in His love.  If we truly believe God always does what is best for us, we’ll trust Him even in the most difficult trials.  However, Satan conspires that we associate the sting of spiritual discipline with a lack of divine caring.

Of course, our natural thinking equates peace and happiness with tokens of God’s love.  But the Bible stresses that difficulty and discipline represent evidence of membership in God’s family.

Finally, it’s God’s character to love.  Thus, we can depend on it.  It’s His very nature.  Hence, our hardships or difficulties don’t indicate a lack of God’s love.  He’s a good God and worthy of our trust.

Today’s question: What Bible verses strengthen you during uncertain times and significant challenges?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Consider the irony of the situation”

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