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By Dave Henning / November 4, 2023

“Intellect asks, ‘What is truth?’. . . as if truth were something that could be stated in words. . . .  When a man is up against things it is no use for him to try and work it out logically. but let him obey, and instantly he will see his way through.  Truth is moral, not intellectual.  We perceive truth by doing the right thing, not by thinking it out.”- Oswald Chambers

In Chapter 28 (“Something New”) of The Night is Normal, Alicia Britt Chole describes when disillusionment with self occurs.  It happens when things we assume about the life of faith collide with the:

  • frailty of our humanity.
  • persistence of our sins.
  • weakness of our wills.
  • fact that transformation simply takes time.

Therefore, Dr. Chole exhorts:

“In such times, when an earthquake reveals internal fault lines that you never knew existed . . . and you fall into disillusionment with yourself — remember to get back up, receive forgiveness, and call upon your newly acquired humility to help others to connect to the way of love.”

Moving on to Chapter 29 (“Chasing Horses”), Dr. Chole presents the first of eight tools to handle disillusionment with self.

1.  When disillusioned with yourself, ask God to mentor your mind.  Most significantly, Dr. Chole observes. we tend to think about God more than with God.  Therefore, we must ask God to mentor our minds.  Because that shifts the language in our thought life.  As a result, our language more accurately reflects the truth that God is with us.

In conclusion, the author reminds us, true intellectual strength doesn’t equate with the ability to think.  Rather, true intellectual strength reflects the ability to choose what to think.  As well as when to think.  Above all, Dr. Chole notes, if we cannot go somewhere with God, do we really want to wander without Him?

It’s a powerful thing to commit to following Jesus — especially when we have no clue where He’s leading!

Today’s question: Do you agree that truth is moral, not intellectual?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “An upward winding path – spiral”

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