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Doubt belief A = accept belief B

By Dave Henning / February 13, 2024

“You can’t doubt belief A except on the basis of some belief B you are believing instead at the moment.  So, for example, you cannot say, ‘No one can know enough to be certain about God and religion,’ without assuming that you know enough about the nature of religious knowledge to be certain about that […]


Some doubt seeks answers

By Dave Henning / December 4, 2022

“In the Bible . . . there is a kind of doubt that is the sign of a closed mind, and there is a kind of doubt that is the sign of an open mind.  Some doubt seeks answers, and some doubt is a defense against the possibility of answers.”- Timothy Keller “The angel went […]


Barriers to belief for modern people

By Dave Henning / January 23, 2022

“Thomas is the most famous doubter of ancient times, and as such, can almost serve as a stand-in for today’s secular skeptics. . . . All [Thomas’s] reasons and motives create barriers to belief for modern people today.  You might have a worldview that says it can’t happen, a temperament that tends to be skeptical, […]


During times of transition cede control

By Dave Henning / August 31, 2021

“Transition is a place where some of the details of our new season become a little clearer, but there is still a deep need to trust God’s plan, process, and commands.  During times of transition, it is easy to try to control this part of the process.  But if we do that, it could cause […]


Doubt tries to swallow us whole

By Dave Henning / August 29, 2021

“The illusion of control is where doubt tries to swallow us whole.  Doubt tries to convince us no one can be trusted — it’s not worth it to believe something can be okay beyond our own doing.  And doubt wants us to believe that if we don’t feel safe, we’re not in control, so we […]


One phone call with God – no options

By Dave Henning / August 28, 2021

“Haven’t we all had those days when we wish we could have one phone call with God so He could tell us what to do?  We don’t want options . . . to figure this out.  We just want to know, God, what are you doing?“- Nicki Koziarz (emphasis author’s) “But the dove found no […]


Patience and a plan – rise above the doubt

By Dave Henning / August 23, 2021

“As you accept God’s invitation to come, you will also need patience and a plan.  You will need patience for yourself and for others — the naysayers who show up for you and the naysayer you can be to yourself.  There will be doubt others bring you, the doubt you bring yourself, and the doubt […]


The doubt that floods your mind – rise above!

By Dave Henning / August 22, 2021

“In your own process of learning to rise above the things that feel hard in life . . . you will have naysayers.  And you will have dream defenders.  But it will be your decision to rise above the doubt that floods your mind about who you are based on what others say, and what […]


Belief and unbelief – our soul conflict

By Dave Henning / August 14, 2021

“I’ve come to understand the conflict in our souls that never ends is the one between belief and unbelief.  Doubt is the dangerous place we linger in the middle of the battle between the two.  If we don’t understand why we have to change our mind (repent) and make intentional decisions to deflect doubt, life […]


Gospel’s relentless hope melts cynicism

By Dave Henning / October 30, 2018

“Cynicism melts under the relentless hope of the gospel.. . .  Bitterness can’t linger under the relentless assault of love.  Hope cannot die if an empty tomb empowers it.”- Carey Nieuwhof In Chapter 2 (“Kicking Cynicism in the Teeth”) of Didn’t See It Coming, Carey Nieuwhof offers practical ways to defeat your inner cynic.  First, […]


Guarded from God doubt and distrust

By Dave Henning / June 26, 2018

“Our hearts can either be guarded from God in doubt and distrust, or peace will guard our hearts through relationship as we abide in Christ.”- Christa Black Gifford (emphasis author’s) In Chapter 3 (“The Doubting Heart”) of Heart Made Whole, Christa Black Gifford admits that every time she went through a trial, she immediately put […]


Thy kingdom come

By Dave Henning / October 26, 2016

“There is a fine line between ‘Thy kingdom come’ and ‘my kingdom come.’ “- Mark Batterson “Anytime you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know he had some help.”- Alex Haley Mark Batterson reminds us in Chapter 18 of Chase the Lion that God-given dreams focus primarily on others.  Therefore, dreams […]

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