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WayMaker: Finding the Way . . .

By Dave Henning / July 26, 2022

WayMaker: Finding the Way . . . Ann Voskamp recently released her latest book, WayMaker: Finding the Way to the Life You’ve Always Wanted (Thomas Nelson, 2022).  In addition, Ann is the wife of a farmer, mama to seven, and the author of four New York Times bestsellers.  Like the full moon starting to wane, […]


Listen to the whisper – stillness

By Dave Henning / July 20, 2022

“By stillness the roar of the enemy is stilled, and the soul can listen to the whisper of its Maker.  You have to make time to be still – in order to make a life.”- Ann Voskamp Ann Voskamp concludes Chapter 14 of WayMaker with the observation that you become a prodigal in wanting to […]


Crave connection – we’re relational beings

By Dave Henning / May 24, 2020

“We all crave connection.  It’s not something we can escape in this life because of the way God knit us together in our mother’s womb.  We are relational beings, and God gave us those desires. . . .  Longing to be connected to people . . . can be a God-given dream.  Shaming ourselves for […]


Done With That: Escaping the Struggle . . .

By Dave Henning / November 14, 2019

Done With That (David C. Cook, 2019) Done With That: Escaping the Struggle of Your Old Life, is the third book written by Bob Merritt, senior pastor of Eagle Brook Church in the Twin Cities area.  Above all, Pastor Merritt believes there’s power in saying I’m done with that!  And saying that really involves the […]


Unnecessary additions to your life

By Dave Henning / November 13, 2019

“Be done with unnecessary additions to your life in an effort to ruthlessly eliminate hurry.  Our souls will not find rest if we’re caught up in the hustle and racing from place to place. . . .  Rather, God is found and souls are restored in the stillness.”- Bob Merritt “Our struggle is not against […]


Left behind in my imaginary past

By Dave Henning / July 2, 2019

“I allow my emotions to walk into the future without any rational mind, like a gang of toddlers without a parent.  I can’t possibly do the next right thing because I’ve traveled so far into the future that my next right thing is left behind in my imaginary past.”- Emily P. Freeman “Like many addicts, […]

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